Fusion CI Studios created these "ink-in-water" effects for Ntropic in San Francisco for this Sea World commercial.

Fusion had the opportunity to apply a new tool set from its arsenal - 3dsMax, Fume FX & Krakatoa. This combination gave us the ability to generate both turbulent fluid field and a soft volumetric render more consistent with an ink diluting in water look than you can't get out of other fluid simulators such as RealFlow. For this project we created simulations of Fume FX fluid grids interacting with the geometries of the characters (provided by Ntropic). The characters also emitted fluid from selected parts of their bodies to leave the trails in their wakes. We then used Krakatoa to generated 10s of millions of particles to follow the fluid motions.

Fusion simmed and rendered these 14 elements in a 6 week time frame.

Artists working on this piece were: Mike Wallner, Will Shepherd, Wayne England, William Salas, and supervised by Mark Stasiuk. Ntropic did the art-direction, character modeling & animation, character texturing and lighting and comp'ing & finishing.

Overall vfx supervision: Ntropic's Andrew Sinagra

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