I think this is one of the very first things that I made in After Effects. The date must be sometime around 1997 or 1998. And I really do not think that the visuality in this is particularly remarkable or anything of the sort.

The thing that was important to me was the music, which I composed from scratch. So, I wanted to have some kind of visual material to play further with it, which I did by taking a whole bunch of Hopi symbols, first colorized and beveled in Photoshop, and noodling around with them in After Effects in sync with the score - to see if I would be able to pull that off.

I am not a musician, I cannot read a musical score or play a musical instrument. Truth be told I can't even sing properly. So, the discovery of visual/intuitive music compositing interfaces was (and still is) very exciting to me and I ended up playing around with them a lot - and now that I recently rediscovered these past (somewhat naive) efforts sitting around in my ancient back-up CD pile, I intend to do some more of it as well.

j vimeo.com/3692687

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