Black Swan was created by Light Waves within the online world of Second Life.

Music by Pablo Perez, Body Bags, available at

Creative commons licence - Non-commercial - No Deriv

The absolute best thing about SL for me is for artists to create work, and then for people to go experience those works, all in a 3d virtual environment. The ability to immerse you/your avatar in sounds/colour/movement, to communicate and share is a wonderful thing!

On the millionth visit to Black Swan, to take pics, to drag non-residents into SL to come see, I knew the place was special. SL moves so fast, this was made really to catch a moment in time before it changed. This was captured in October(ish) and things have changed since, new sculptures have come along and Windlight is back, changing everything further. Kudos to Light Waves for this amazing build.

Special thanks to Pablo Perez for making such wonderful and emotive music.


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