Robert Isaac Harker interprets the Creature's final appeal to Frankenstein.

At the end of Mary Shelley's 1819 novel (unlike the film version of 1931), the Creature does not die in a blazing windmill. Frankenstein has pursued his Creature to the Arctic.

In this interpretation, Frankenstein has attempted to kill the Creature on the frozen plain. The Creature has overpowered him and now, helpless, Frankenstein must hear the Creature's demands.

Frankenstein may be imagined bound hand and foot, gagged and kneeling. The Creature stands behind him.

Setting: the Arctic.
Time: the early 19th century.

This was a classroom exercise from "To The Actor", Kemsley's Dickinson's drama workshop in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, which took place from April to June 2008. It was filmed at the Kilachand Studio, Dubai Community Theatre and Arts Centre, Dubai, on 19 June 2008.
Make up by Nadia Laribi and Mona Tarsissi.
Costume by Nadia Laribi.
Photography by Kemsley Dickinson
Music by courtesy of Audio Network.


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