A very successful premiere of "Me and Mrs. Tran" at Quyen and Tommy's wedding reception. It was a blast shooting this crazy MV (concept originated by the couple themselves). I was really SHOCKED when I first heard about the idea... but we certainly pull it off. The groom is actually a very serious person... which makes this piece even funnier... coz none of his friends would imagine he could do something like this. However, for this once in a lifetime moment, they wanted to do something different and to entertain their friends during the wedding. They want to make it memorable and do something that they can laugh about when they get old.

A shout-out to Quyen and Tommy especially - dressing up like this and walking around Houston in the COLD... Yes, we shot this video the day after it snowed in Houston...

Crazy but certainly a very memorable film for Quyen and Tommy. Everybody was laughing so hard during the reception in the Petroleum Club.

Thanks to Joanna and Robert for helping me out. Thanks to Quyen and Tommy for the idea and the courage (acting, dressing up, and actually playing the video in the reception... haha). And thanks to everybody who came up to me and told me that they really like the video.

P.S. to those who missed the little "behind the scene" during the reception... watch til the end.

Please also check out their actual wedding highlights film - vimeo.com/9058228


j vimeo.com/8332683

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