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Richard Patterson, commercial and advertising photographer, is no stranger to outside influence.

Believing no one creates in a vacuum, Patterson draws inspiration from may sources. Long interested in photographing dancers because of their control and awareness of space, Patterson used this assignment to test out new Creative Light gear with an arial silk acrobat and a dancer from the New York City Ballet.

(2) 3 X 4 Softboxes
(1) 1 x 3 Softboxes w/ Grids
(3) 1 x 4 Softboxes w/ Grids

(1) Large Translucent Reflector
(1) Large Silver/Gold Reflector Delux
(1) Profoto Acute 600br
(1) Profoto Acute IIR 2400

(1) Mamiya 645 AFDIII
(1) Leaf Aptus 22
(1) Mamiya 80mm
(1) Mamiya 120mm
(1) Mamiya 75-150mm

j vimeo.com/21496174

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