This video showcases the FILTHIEST DROPS IN DUBSTEP taken from productions created by Polish underground dubstep project - - - SUBSTEP INFRABASS - -

Substep Infrabass is a dark, underground dubstep project, born in 2008 in Poland. S.I deeply rooted in brutal death metal scene represents all darkness and filth every dubstepper craves for.
Substep is a multidimensional project, which (apart from dubstep production) aims to create the ultimate audio-visual experience merging dubstep influenced music with experimental video art.

Tracks showcased in the vid:
#6 - Substep Infrabass - The Unstoppable (Apparition Records)
#5 - Substep Infrabass - 666 (forthcoming Filthy Digital)
#4 - Substep Infrabass - The Satheist (dub)
#3 - Substep Infrabass - 666 Paranoise RMX (forthcoming Filthy Digital)
#2 - Substep Infrabass - .doG (forthcoming Subtopia)
#1 - Substep Infrabass - Sinturian (dub)

If anyone fancies to find out more - please visit Substep Infrabass official myspace page at

Loops used in this video are created by badman underground vj - Seeluce - you can check his latest works at or
Video created by Rectal - Substep Infrabass Crew


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