Q: Why is a Wesll safer than a two wheeler?

A: There are a number of reasons the Wesll is safer than its two-wheeled counterpart. Having four wheels affords stability in varying terrain and weather conditions. Running off the road on the motorbike usually means a trip to the hospital. A Wesll can be directed back onto the road surface without much excitement.

The Wesll locks the suspension when the brake is applied, which allows the operator to apply the brakes mid-corner without fear of high siding or sliding out. Four wheel stability coupled with additional stopping power makes riding a Wesll considerably safer than a two-wheeled motorcycles or static three-wheeled conversion trikes, which are inherently unsafe with their high center of gravity and inability to lean.

Most motorcycle accidents happen when the rider turns the wheel and locks the brakes to avoid an obstacle, or locks the brakes in loose gravel, wet or icy roads and simply falls over. Motorcycles equipped with the Wesll suspension system can't fall over. The additional wheels provide enhanced braking and acceleration; either could save your life.

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