This is the talk of Thay from the Lower Hamlet of Plum Village, offered on Sunday, July 15th, 2012 during the Summer Opening Retreat.

00:00 Title Screen
00:30 Chanting with the Monastics: Three Refuges in French, Chap Tay Bup Sen
13:25 Listening to the Bell
16:00 Introduction
19:10 Making Use of Suffering to Generate Happiness
25:30 Someone with Anger Is Someone Who Suffers
30:00 When Kindness Is There, Anger Disappears
33:55 Meditation on a Plant of Corn
57:35 Mindful movement
01:03:60 Bell
01:05:00 I'm in you and you are in me
01:06:00 I'm made of non me elements, we need to co-exist with the entire cosmos
01:08:00 This is because that is
01:12:00 It is not truth that Buddhism only speaks about suffering
01:14:00 Buddha says nothing can survive without food
01:16:00 four noble truth: the first is ill being (苦), we should not run away from ill being. The second is that nature of ill being (集). The third is transformation or healing (滅), The fourth is the path leading to cessation of ill being (well being) (道)
01:25:50 If the dark is not there anymore than the light is born (無明滅明生)
01:28:10 One truth contains all truth
01:30 30 Compassion and understanding is the base of happiness
01:33:20 The noble eightfold path: Right View (正見).
01:35:00 The story of the elder Kaccayana about right view
01:37:00 The notion of being and non being
01:42:20 In Buddhist we don't accept the notion of creation, but manifestation
01:43:40 God is the ground of being?
01:45:35 The modern science can confirm the first law of thermodynamic, you cannot create energy and you cannot destroy energy, we can only transform the energy, there is no death and no birth.
01:53:10 Right thinking (正思),the speech with compassion and understanding, with non discrimination view
01:45:00 John 14:10 One day you will see that I am in the father, and the father is in me. (天河)
01:59:00 The wisdom of non discrimination
02:00:00 Right speech (正語), right action (正業)。In Buddhism we have a term called Karma (Action), the Karma in the sense of thinking, speaking, and physical action
02:06:00 You are your action, you are your karma
02:10:05 What happened to me when I died?


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