This video is primarily of interest to glass blowers and folks interested in glass blowing.

I had the privilege of being invited to shoot video and stills of Czech glass artist Martin Janecky at the Corning Museum of Glass in Corning, NY. Immediately after the shoot I edited together a 4-minute music-video style representation of the event. When producing an edited video to music, you leave a lot of footage out due to time and aesthetic considerations.

Now that sites like Vimeo support longer video uploads, I decided to edit together the raw video from this shoot for my glassblowing friends. No post-production is done on these clips - audio isn't the greatest due to hot shop noise, and there will be shaky segments as I danced out of the way of the artists and 1,500 degree glass.

The original edited video can be found here:

Stills from the day can be found here:




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