How beautiful is it that the master of silent films Charlie Chaplin spoke such powerful words in one of the world's greatest ever speech which is more relevant today than it was 70 years ago. Isn't amazing that we can all see images of our solar system, download and animate them into a film to the funky sounds of web musicians and share it all around.

Following on from Earthlapse 'Satymeva Jayte' made from individual images, this is a medley of timelapses, downloaded images from the crew of Expedition 34 on board the International Space Station, a few other ISS missions and some rather special places. The Nasa resource is one of the most valuable I have ever seen on the web, there is so much to explore and see, I hope you enjoy the speech and message, visuals and the awesome funky beats from 'Broke for Free', downloaded for free under the creative commons licence from the Vimeo Music Store :)

Images courtesy of the Image Science & Analysis Laboratory, NASA Johnson Space Center
Funky beats courtesy of "A Year" by Broke For Free ( from the Vimeo Music Store
Great Speech by Charlie Chaplin from the film 'The Great Dictator' some notes on how to download and create NASA timelapses.


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