We've all dealt with it as designers at one stage or another, or if you haven't listen up this tut may just save you some valuable time in the future.
As designers we are used to getting files supplied to us, unfortunately it never comes just how we planned we constantly get bombarded with " oh just take the one off our website it will be fine for the new sign we want out the front" or "here's something my son designed earlier." and don't think this is limited to small stuff agencies deal with the same problems everyday.

So in this tutorial Ill show you it is some times quicker to redraw rather then work with a pixelated jpg. I show you how to redraw a fairly simple character one most of you would already know and love "The WOO Ninja" but the point of the tutorial is that you can learn the skills to redraw the next time you run into this problem.

HUGE shout out to the WOO Themes Team and to my man Adii pronounced ay dee not how I say it on the video ;) or maybe its just my aussie accent you be the judge :D

Also I have to laugh a couple of times in the video I call the gradient mesh tool the magic wand tool... I sort of don't use the words to much I have them buried right next to comic sans.

j vimeo.com/6297907

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