CBS Drama Identity:

Studio Hansa completed the rebrand of CBS' portfolio of TV channels across EMEA.

Drama is about the construct webs we weave in storytelling of all forms.These are Dreamlike scenarios where
seemingly disparate moments of drama collide - to create a moving collage of powerful moments. Objects and people intersect via colourful wires that show the ‘strings attached’ to the building blocks of fascinating Drama.
The visual spin on the ‘Frozen moment’ technique is to both outline the tangled web construct, but equally to regale in the imperfections of life, the nuances and also an unpretentious allusion to ‘showing the joins’.

Client: CBS/Chellozone
SVP/Creative Director: Andy Kidger

Concept: Studio Hansa
Creative Director: Nick Scott
Exec. Producer: Omar Honigh

Director: Nick Scott
DOP: Felix Wiedemann
Producer: Alex rofaila
Editor: Rob Ward
CGI/VFX: Analog
Composer: Si Begg


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