Ronnog and Steve Seaberg and Mark Wolfe perform Ronnog's poem "Life is a Joke" at the 2004 Estrofest in Atlanta GA. Video by Mitch Lindsey. In life we begin, of course, naked and may also end that way. As in the story of the Emperor's New Clothes, Seaberg Acrobatic Poetry attempts to dspell life's masquerade and illusions. As Caleron said, "La vida, un sueno".


Looking for an answer in court
Looking for an answer in an egg
Do you want to adopt or abort?
Where are you going to hide?
Or will you hang your honors on a peg?

Are you winning a popular sport
or taken for a ride?
A groom but never a bride.

But you are, of course,
a teenage girl on a horse
looking for a warm hairy friend
on whom you may depend
maybe spend
the night in dark and cold
while you hold
the riding crop and the reins
without stop or stains.

Or do you win the race
by the fireplace
in soot and flame?
You will not be the same
but go up in smoke.
Your only life was a joke.

Atlanta 2-17 2001
Ronnog Seaberg


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