Andy Votel on how this short film came about:

The visual collaboration "Oxidizing Hexagons" was born out of a previously discussed theoretical archive of latter day found footage called "Fade To White" which me and Tom Fitzgerald had discussed over the years while working on projects at Hollywood's Silent Cinema picture house. Based on a mutual obsession with 70's adaptations of Eastern European folklore and Germanic Kunstmärchen fairytale films mixed with experimental footage of overexposed snow-scapes and discarded 8mm art edits, Tom used his expertise to construct a visual poem which compliments my own musical interpretation of Damon's album focussing on the title "Photographing Snowflakes". The title "Oxidizing Hexagons" is derived from the technical process of Silver Iodide photography and drawing aesthetic parallels with the construction of artificial snowflake structures which uses the same chemical. The entire process was designed to approach Damon's organic songwriting process from a mathematical artificial perspective utilizing non-musical methods inspired by music concrete, tape loops, sound poetry and re-sampling. Working with Tom also gave us the opportunity to highlight a certain inspirational vintage and modern craft work element in the project encapsulating VHS video culture, analogue technology and a humorous Art/Trash sensibility which is vital to our 3 personalities. Like the isolated audio project the film was created in a strict time sensitive environment in order to retain as much of the spontaneity used in our collaborative film/music projects as VJ and DJ seldom exercised with today's digital media. Faithful to the process, we independently found a place where the disposable became indispensable, with this Tom identified the cinematic aspects of the music instantly.

Tom Fitzgerald is a Los Angeles video artist who's medium is found footage. Based on his ever-growing collection of rare cinematic gems and obscure media flotsam, he deftly crafts his video mixes to music with the skills of a surgeon and the eye of a jeweler as exemplified by his acclaimed collaborations with the B-Music label, Cut Chemist and Edan (The Echo Party Movie). As well, Tom applies his curating talents as a film programmer and in-house video-DJ at Los Angeles' premier repertory movie theater The Cinefamily.


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