Program note: Sophielab presents the three-part video of the Rising Tide V "Down in the Treme" panel in minimally-edited form to put you in the room in timely fashion at this important conversation, and to make the recording available for reference by members of the Rising Tide community.
Apologies to the panelists for missing the complete panel intro. The program moved faster than the tape change. (9/15/2010)
Part 2 of 3

Part 3 of 3

Fans of Treme the HBO series may also wish to meet the real Guardians of the Flame
a panel moderated by Maitri Erwin
founder of "Back of Town: Blogging Treme"
Rising Tide V
28 August 2010
Howlin' Wolf
New Orleans

Right-to-left on your screen:

Maitri Erwin
Maitri is a geoscientist, blogger and all-around technology geek. She is the founder of Back of Town: Blogging Treme, author of Maitri’s VatulBlog and reporter for She is also Indian Languages advisor to Project Gutenberg, the first producer of free electronic books.

Eric Overmyer
Eric is a playwright, television writer and producer. He is the the co-creator of Treme and has written and produced numerous TV shows, including Law & Order, Homicide: Life on the Street, The Wire and New Amsterdam.

Dave Walker
Dave has been TV columnist for the New Orleans Times-Picayune since September 2000. Before that, he worked as TV columnist and pop culture writer for the Arizona Republic, and before that he was a feature writer and columnist for the Phoenix alternative weekly New Times. Born in Kansas City, raised in Chicago. His American Rock 'n' Roll Tour, the first guide to pop music landmarks, was published by Thunder's Mouth Press in 1992.

Davis Rogan
Davis is a New Orleans musician who began his broadcast career on WTUL at the age of 10, and was a DJ at WWOZ for 13 years. He first came to prominence in the New Orleans music scene with his eight piece funk group All That, for which he was lead singer, band leader, principal songwriter, arranger and producer. Davis is also script consultant for Treme and makes periodic appearances on the show.

Becky Northcut
Becky is most likely better known to NO bloggers as VirgoTex, and she will answer to either name. In addition to being one of two non-NOLA ringers blogging Treme at Back of Town, she sometimes writes about pop culture, the environment, and politics at, so she's practically a digital cousin to some in the NO online community. She created the short-lived Got that New Package! blog about The Wire, and was lucky enough to share that obsession with Ashley Morris and Ray Shea, among others. She is a queer, a naturalist, a music lover, and a Texan, none of which she had any choice about.

Lolis Eric Elie
Lolis Eric Elie is a staff writer for Treme. His television work includes include Faubourg Treme, the PBS documentary directed by Dawn Logsdon. He was also a columnist for the New Orleans Times-Picayune for 14 years.
Videography for Rising Tide V was provided by Sophielab, the participatory media lab at H. Sophie Newcomb Memorial College Institute of Tulane University, in support of the educational mission of Rising Tide NOLA in post-diluvian New Orleans, and to document the fifth anniversary event for the historical record. Complete video of the event will be placed in the Newcomb Archives. It will be available to scholars in perpetuity for research purposes, educational programs use, and to be quoted for publication.
Video and audio content from Rising Tide V will be podcast and shared via Rising Tide NOLA LLC and Newcomb College Institute websites and social media accounts under a Creative Commons [Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works] license, and may be included in future multimedia publications.
Tech notes:
Sophielab shot all Rising Tide V sessions on Mini-DV using a Panasonic DVC-100B.
Connect with @sophielab via Twitter and on the web at and


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