Tomorrow (short clip)
Direction and choreography by Phillip Adams
Performed by: Phillip Adams with Deanne Butterworth, Rennie McDougall and Matthew Day
Composer: Garth Paine
Set Design: Matthew Bird (Architect)
Fashion & Design: Susan Dimasi (Materialbyproduct)
Lighting Design: Robin Fox
Production Management: Tom Webster
Producer: Amelia Bartak
Film & edit: Matthew Gingold

And All Things Return To Nature Tomorrow celebrates the long-term artistic relationship between Phillip Adams and long-term collaborator Brooke Stamp who was was commissioned to make her first major work, Part 1 of this double bill; reflecting their common interest in hybrid forms of performance. Each artist's work sits as complementary aspects of a continuum across form and narrative. Audiences are enveloped in dynamic surround sound from the very beginning and by the end, transformed from spectators to participants, active in the artists’ utopian vision.

Part 2, Tomorrow, grew from Adams’ own esoteric research into alien abduction and a revelatory experience at The Integratron in the Mojave Desert, USA. This became the entry point for Adams’, and collaborating architect, Matthew Bird’s imagined abduction, an architectural installation and spatial oddity of sonic and design interactions between the artists. They have sought to create a “tomorrow” utopia; an unsettled universe desperate to gather, confirm and sexualise a superlative energy united by a utopian impulse to liberate the mind.


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