In this video, we start off with the elemental geometries that form a picture, which are point, line and surface, to study the law of movement among shapes in a 2D space. The video poses a spacial illusion by exchanging, duplicating, intersecting and transforming those elements, thus represents the transformation from single dimension to multiple dimensions. Being integrated with the theories in I Ching, Book of Changes, it reenacts the eternal circle between generation and termination. By experiencing the illusions and movements of sound in space, the audiences are expected to feel a sense of space and time, balance and opposition.

About the Audio
Its video and audio part works accordingly, the short bass represents the point in the video, sound that has a confined variation of frequency represents the line, while reverb rhythm represents space that is consist of faces.
The rhythm of sound changes alongside with the variation of video as well, which reflects the untouchable multidimensional space that is beyond picture, And that is why I say the sound used in this video is different from the music, it belongs to video representation and does not function alone without video.


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