YEAR: 2013
SYNOPSIS: Part 2 of 4 films that tell the story of Top Third Ventures, a social impact company operating in Nairobi, Kenya. This film discusses the problems Kenyans face with their current cooking methods, how Top Third Ventures CEO Lucas Belenky conducted his research on the issue, and how this research led to the design of the Baker Stove at Claesson Koivisto Rune, an award winning Swedish design group.

Lucas Belenky, CEO, Top Third Ventures
Marten Claesson, Architect and Designer
Eero Koivisto, Architect and Designer
Ola Rune, Architect and Designer
Louise Bahrton, Industrial Designer

Executive Producers: Lucas Belenky and Bjorn Hammar
Director / Cinematographer / Editor: Sam Nuttmann
Production Assistant: Grishon Onyango



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