2013. "XTRM". Channel branding.

We have found ourselves doing TV channel branding almost exclusively in 2013. Last December we pitched and won not one or two, but four channel rebrandings for Spain’s Chello Multicanal! Their action channel was our third project.

The toughest channel on Earth has a logo that's built to last.

Client: Chello Multicanal España


Creative Director: Sergio Saleh

Executive Producer: Pablo Encabo

Art Director LUMBRE: Adriana Campos
Design: Adriana Campos, Andy Cambiasso, José Cambariere
3D Lead Animation: Damian Stricker, José Cambariere
3D Animation: Silvestre Rendón, Damian Stricker, José Cambariere
Architecture: Damian Stricker, Silvestre Rendón, Adriana Campos, Flor Patronis
2D Animation and composition: Dario Becher, Silvestre Rendon, Rodolfo Melian, Damian Stricker, José Cambariere
Sound Design: Marcela Turjanski

j vimeo.com/77416730

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