This is a play-by-play screencast of me moving a component out of SSToolkit into its own library. I cover setting up a good open source component, writing Core Graphics drawing code, a bit of low-level C stuff, and some of my workflow. You can find the code so far for this on GitHub: We'll be adding a lot more in part 2.

Here are some things I mentioned:

* SSToolkit:
* SAMBadgeView:
* Three20:
* NimbusKit:
* My blog post on ARC:

Also note, this video is to give you a sense of how I work and hopefully teach you stuff along the way. There a few edits. Mainly to save you time. I cut out about 12 minutes of me wasting time. There wasn't anything of value you missed out on. I'm just looking out for your time :)

I'd really love some feedback. Leave a comment here on Vimeo or tweet @soffes on Twitter.

In case you were curious, yes, that is a whiskey bottle. That is just water in it. It's the best bottle ever.


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