This is my very first tutorial! I made the tutorial because I love what Magic Lantern is doing and because of them many beautiful people paid attention to my last two clips!

This is what I want to give back:

I am working on a brand new video at the moment and it was the perfect opportunity to make a tutorial how I am dealing with the RAW files Magic Lantern is making in my 5D2. I am a freelance photo and videographer and this is why I know Lightroom, Photoshop and Premiere pretty good and I can imagine that it is not as easy for other people to get into the processing of ML RAW files.

This workflow will work for any given Canon camera running Magic Lantern - it is not limited to just the 5D2.

The tutorial was made with a MBP Retina 2,5GHz i5 and 16GB of Ram – if you get the feeling that the TIFF format exporting is taking too much time do not hesitate and use JPGs instead!

The Zoom H4N was my voice recording device and is the adress where you get free 720p 35mm grain (;

I hope that I could help you with this tutorial and I’ll try to answer any questions that I am getting. In the meanwhile I would really appreciate it if you would check out my website and take a look at my FB fanpage!

Thank you very much!!


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