Kevin Henshaw: "Steffen picked me up at the airport. As soon as we got in the car he told me we got 3000 kilometers or more to drive. We went straight to Cergy. That park is insane they got like nine UNIT Rails including Steffen's and my Signature Rail. Then we drove all the way to Germany to a park called Norderstedt. They got my Signature Rail as well as a couple of other UNIT features. Next we went to The Bricks in Duisburg and now we are kickin' it in Moncontour/France."
Thanks to Wasserski Norderstedt, Anne and Christian Rumpel for the great support. Thanks to Raphael Ficarelli and Rémi Smadja from Moncontour for the great BBQ and thanks to Thierry Calais and José Frade Cergy for the early morning sessions!

Rider: Kevin Henshaw and Felix Georgii
Filmed and edit by:
Music: M83 - Midnight city (Bashtone Remix)


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