With sponsorship from AT&T, Wildbytes developed a new version of Superhero for the Dumbo Arts Festival in New York, being awarded as the festival's Signature Artwork.

Superhero proved that with the right amount of technology, creativity, and enthusiasm, dreams can come true. During three days, more than 1,400 people interacted with Superhero’s stage, where they lived the experience of becoming superheroes and flying over the façade of Brooklyn’s Empire Store. The show utilized Kinect cameras and custom software to detect gestures in real time. Wildbytes' cutting-edge technology transformed the participant’s movements into super powers like throwing energy balls, becoming huge, moving faster than light, painting the façade with their trace, and, of course, flying, flying, and more flying!

The show received an incredible and extensive reception by renowned international press including Forbes, The Huffington Post, Bloomberg, Time Out New York, Time Warner Cable’s NY1, DNAinfo, NYC10Best, New Yorkled, Businessweek, and PRNoticias, among others.

The result was massive participation and overwhelming press for the memorable experience of becoming a superhero for a day.

Special Thanks to the Dumbo Arts Festival crew for their support and the amazing cultural event they have created.


j vimeo.com/53944342

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