Un jour, tout les lapins disparaissent mystérieusement de la surface de la Terre...

How would the world react to all its rabbits suddenly going missing, with a magician thrown in the mix...

A Supinfocom film directed by Julia Bueno, Cheng Li, Catherine Lepicard, Inès Pagniez, Julien Roguet and Paul Torris.

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Julia Bueno : juliabueno.free.fr/blog/
Co-directing / Modeling / Shading / Lighting / Compositing /

Catherine LEPICARD : catherinelepicard.blogspot.fr/
Co-directing / Modeling / Texturing / Layout

Cheng LI : tkeiko.tumblr.com/
Co-directing / Character,Environment designe/ Animation

Inès PAGNIEZ : nesscofee.kazeo.com/
Co-directing / Animation / Modeling / Layout

Julien ROGUET : jroguet-book.blogspot.fr/
Co-directing / Animation / Props Rigging / Modeling

Paul TORRIS : paultorris.blogspot.fr/
Co-directing / Animation / Charcter Rigging / 2D FX

Kenny WOOD : kennywoodmusic.com/index.php

Florian CALMER: florian.calmer@gmail.com
Sound design

j vimeo.com/69228454

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