Sleight of Hand is a 10-channel, silent, looping video installation that brings together footage from work with local magicians, from the Apple store, and from the studio. The work is comprised of nine monitors mounted in a non-traditional layout on a wall and one video displayed on an iPad.

In Sleight of Hand I depart from linear, narrative video editing in favor of a style of production that promotes short, repetitive loops and splitting footage across multiple screens. At times, the videos become halfway stations between films and animated GIFs. The repetition, and its resulting fixation upon the physical gestures captured on screen, create a technological uncanniness within the body. Movements that once seemed normal and routine become estranged as repetition ensues.

At other times, I employ pauses and freeze frames to divide work across monitors and direct attention deliberately. I pause at key moments -- between the attempt to fly and the inevitable fall to earth, between the vanishment of an object and its subsequent reappearance -- to elongate the hiatus between a magical wish and its (un)fulfillment.


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