Film by Antonymes.

Track taken from y0t0's album Uriarra 

Uriarra Road by y0t0 is a Russian novel of Australian rural decay; 14 tracks of densely layered processed guitar, crowd melody, rain noise, electronic manipulation and birdsong.

Inspired by the film ‘In The Winter Dark’, Uriarra Road charts the decline of an outback town chasing survival as industry money crawls back to the city limits; left in its place is a confused and aging collective memory, drunk on nostalgia and the feral rantings of a right wing press.
Cabin fever, writ large.

Helping y0t0 map the town in question are Downliners Sekt, Jasper TX, Ghosting Season, Field Rotation, Spheruleus, Relmic Statute and Seaworthy, all of whom navigate the intersections and resentful front rooms of Uriarra Road with skeletal reinterpretations of the main street.

y0t0 is the solo project of Charles Sage of Hessien; assisting in construction are guitarist Ben Carter and vocalist/partner Jane Sage. Previous EPs No Myths and Baraku have been reconstructions of dialogue from documentaries No Maps For These Territories and Goddo Supiido Yuu! Burakku Emparaa, but Urriara Road sees a full album’s exploration of the hope found in abandonment, using a broad palette of field recordings, guitar noise, sparse electronica, minimal beats and bottom end drone. Mastered by Taylor Deupree, and to be released digitally only on Fluid Audio's sub-label Facture late July, Uriarra Road will be made available on preorder for an introductory price the week prior to general release. The digital package contains a short film by Antonymes to accompany one track, along with a PDF artwork booklet and individual artwork embedded for each track.


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