A sunday afternoon at 27th International Kite Festival in Berck sur Mer.

"People all over the world love flying kites and wherever there’s wind, there’s always someone who wants to play with it and master it. But to really understand wind power, you need to visit the International Kite Festival organised in Berck-sur-Mer every April in front of some 600,000 spectators. Eyes fixed on the sky, young and old are kept spellbound by the dexterity and imagination of kite flyers from all corners of the globe.

The fine sands of Berck-sur-Mer in Pas de Calais are the backdrop for a unique aerial ballet that was first held a quarter of a century ago. Now more than half a million spectators gather across this April week for the annual International Kite Festival.
There’s something here for all ages, from grandparents looking back with nostalgia at their own holiday pastimes, to young children fascinated by the high-tech kites on display. No wonder spectators vie for the best viewing places on the dunes.

The pros and cons of different models are scrutinised throughout the week – classic kites and kites with a pilot, kites with strings and static kites, fighting machines such as the Japanese Rokkaku and vast inflatables measuring as much as 40 metres by 25.
This is a festival where everyone expects the unexpected – a mauve bear holding its arms out to an octopus, for instance, and a skate with a long black tail jostling with a group of aerial jellyfish.

Then there are the teams of flyers, concentrating together on synchronising the choreography of their display, and the night kites, guaranteed to produce a performance packed with surprises. All magical moments guaranteed to keep the audience spellbound.
France has always been a strong contender in this international hobby and sport, but so too are the talented flyers from Japan, England and America.

And in promoting a sport which needs only to harness the power of the wind, the organisers of the festival couldn’t be more topical, kites being right in line with the ecological agenda of our age. A meeting place for amateurs and professionals from across the world, this small seaside resort has earned a reputation as somewhere that visitors can learn about working with nature, simply through flying a kite. "
( source: northernfrance-tourism.com )

"There is no Way There is no Way" by Uniform Motion (uniformmotion.net)

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