We went with the riders Assistente Oliveira and Leonardo Barros to do what they do BEST.... SHRED hills ! !! They had the chance to test some AMAZING equipments... the Airflow Bracket and the buttery Cult Classics... and the video is the result of a rad day with them shredding the hills in São Paulo, i hope you guys like it!

I also want to thanks everyone who helped us to make this video happen. It is always a bless to have such great people around!!!


Length: 87.5 cm
max. Width: 25 cm
Wheel base: 69.5 cm + / - 1 cm
Rocker: 23 mm
3D lip concave: 11mm / 12 °
Footlock: 5mm / 5 °
Material: Beech
Graphics: Thermal Transfer
Use: Speed, freeride, controlled Sliden at high speeds

Also on the "bracket" Do you feel thanks to the unique 3D Concave any time where you stand! For it is pressed into the same shape as the "Fuse". Defining shaped, trough-like standing surface has slightly tapered, 12 ° raised edges. The 5 ° Aussenristconcave also prevents the feet from slipping slides and radical maneuvers off the board. Thanks symmetrical design (twin tip), the board will run in both directions.


70mm x 46mm
30mm contact patch
Formulated from MYSTOTHANE
10mm Spacer

In our many dark experiments we stumbled upon a strange and elusive compound we dubbed MYSTOTHANE. Using it, we bring you our homage to the skate gods of old. A classic shape with an all new core and super-slidey urethane. Made for the smoothest slides in this and other universes.


keep watching more videos are coming!!!

j vimeo.com/45539316

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