This is the fourth Dharma talk of Thay from the Science of the Buddha Retreat, offered in the Upper Hamlet of Plum Village on Monday, June 6th, 2012.

00:30 Monks & Nuns Chanting
13:00 Three Bells
14:30 Introduction
15:25 Applied Buddhism
23:40 Inviting Your Father to Sit and Breathe with You
29:50 Your Mother's Hand: The Nectar of Love
35:20 The Concept of Time in Buddhism
40:00 Harmonizing Body, Breath and Mind
47:15 51 Mental Formations
51:17 Sharing in Dharma Discussion
52:35 16 Exercises of Mindful Breathing
1:00:57 Handling a Strong Emotion
1:06:00 Mindfulness of Feelings
1:09:10 An Emotion is Only an Emotion
1:12:25 When Your Child Is in a Crisis
1:15:10 Mindfulness of the Mind/Mental Formations
1:17:05 Selective Watering of Seeds in the Mind
1:25:00 Mindfulness of the Object of Mind
1:28:00 Classical Physics and the Discriminating Mind. Quantum Physics and the Non-Discriminating Mind
1:34:35 Subject and Object of Cognition: A Sheet of Paper
1:35:35 The Cinematographic Nature of Consciousness
1:38:00 A Circle Representing Perception
1:44:00 The Gospel of John: The Father Is in Me, and I Am in the Father
1:47:00 Svalakshana: The Ground of Consciousness
1:50:00 Pramana: Pratyakshapramana and Samanyapramana


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