Camera: RED ONE w/Mysterium-X Upgrade
Operator(s): Matthew Garrett, Kholi Hicks
Lens: Zeiss Standard Speeds T2.1, Medium Format Swing-and-Shift (Bellows)
ISO: 800 - 1600
LIGHT: Available
Photographer: Ashley Haber
Special Thanks to: Jake Blackstone
Sunpath, LA

Here's RED #81's first footage with the Mysterium-X Upgrade. Matthew Garrett invited me out to a Photography shoot for the awesome Spirit Hoods ( and I tagged along to operate some myself.

All shot under various sources of available light between ISOs 800 and 1600 (excluding the single Exterior Shot), very minimal color correction in REDCINE X (Build 100) and output for your enjoyment.

So far, the M-X upgrade lives up to the hype, making it possible to shoot 800 to 1000 ISO without fret.


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