retro porno vs brindisi paradiso
from Brindisi Paradiso album "Unexpected Tucano"

Unexepected Tucano, first Brindisi Paradiso album, is a calibrate mixture of improvisation, and fine and minute editing; an intense dialog with sound. The soundtrack are open to any possible change, sums of ideas or sudden jumps to other landscapes and solutions. The sound sources are sampled from everyday life’s gifts, processed with different synthesis techniques and structured in fine and poetic expressions, then stretched through sensual rhythms and open windows on unexpected and parallel worlds.
The two musicians tend to define Brindisi Paradiso as a ‘noisy street mixed at the long silences between the lovers words’
Exotic Dirty is the keyword of Brindisi Paradiso project.

Brindisi Paradiso was born during a fortuitous live jam-session in Amsterdam between dj and eccletic performer Marco Foresta and composer and sound designer Enrico Ascoli.
The project preserves all the fresh features of that starting point: a strong musical spontaneity and aleatory combined with a wide range of inspirational references (jazz, tango, funk, hip hop, glitch, dub, folk music).


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