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(the Ex guitarists vs Paal Nilssen Love & Ken Vandermark)

Ken Vandermark & Paal Nilssen-Love have played together since 2000 in various settings & as a duo since 2002. The duo work within free expression while including a strong element of heavy rhythmic groove, melody, sound & noise. Together, they join Andy Moor & Terrie Ex of Dutch legends THE EX, who are known for mixing elements of rock, free improvisation, traditional folk & abstract noise to create their own very unique soundworld. Having already collaborated on last years Brass Unbound tour both duos converge, crashing along sometimes, creating a cacophonous racket but always musical & always ready to change direction or turn a new corner. The music of Lean Left is extroverted, energetic, powerful & inclusive but also confrontational & provocative, where rhythm, noise, melody & harmony melt together in perfect union.

Recorded Tuesday 18th September 2012

Cameras & Edit // Sean Zissou & Dave Knox
F.O.H Engineer // Gerry Brady
Sound Recording // Thomas Parkes
Promoter // Vinnie Dermody

j vimeo.com/51834235

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