Life. Love. Connectivity. Music. Art.

Bonnaroo commissioned Already Alive to tell the story of the music and arts festival. The film is an intimate lens into the incredible community bounded by music, elevated connection, and limitless possibility. Through a montage of Bonnaroo’s many voices and images, the piece sheds light on the festival’s many promises: the promise of experimentation, self-discovery, and love. It begs the question of what the world would look like if we lived our daily lives in this way.

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Production Studio - Already Alive (

Director - Michael Marantz (
Director of Photography - Tim Sessler (
Producer - Daniel Ostroff
Producer - Jessie Goldbas
Producer - Ted Day
SteadiCam Operator - Kyle Fasanella
AC / DIT - Luke Taylor
Story Consultant - Brittany Darwell
Assistant Editor - Gauthier Roussilhe
Assistant Editor - Thomas Niles

Original Music - Michael Marantz -

Talent Agency - The Meta Agency (

Special Thanks to:
Howie Capse
Justin Bolonigno
Seth Scoblionko


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