This new 2013 transcode of Phil Morton's masterful 1976 project General Motors is released in 2 parts to maintain the best quality possible. This transcode was made made by Peter Kusek for the Phil Morton Memorial Research Archive, an open project founded by jonCates in 2007.

Phil Morton's 1976 project General Motors is understood to be a seminal work of Video Art, being included in the Video Data Bank's classic collection of historic Video Art, Surveying the First Decade. An excerpt of General Motors appears in the section Performance of Video-Imaging Tools of the Surveying the First Decade collection:

General Motors is one of the best known artworks by Phil Morton, having screened internationally in various Media Art festivals and exhibitions. Phil Morton processes video footage throughout General Motors using the Sandin Analogue Image Processor, an open-sourced modular patch-programable system for computing audio/video that Morton and Sandin worked together on to document and distribute the plans to build copies of. Sandin himself refers to Morton as a virtuoso of the Image Processor. jonCates, founder of the Phil Morton Memorial Research Archive (an archive of over 500 videotapes from Phil Morton's "personal data bank"), calls General Motors a "a cyberpsychedelic remixological roadtrip across the American imagination".


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