Director : FUSE
Production : FUSE
Creative Directors : Laurent Ckris & Mathieu Gérard

Music : Balance of power by Paul Mottram

Editors : Laurent Ckris & Mathieu Gérard
Final editing : Laurent Ckris

CG Facilities : EyeDream
CG artists : Mathieu Gérard (from layout to compositing), Nelson Dos Santos (sculpture modeling, set : final modeling and textures), Ilyas Dizdar (additional modeling and some shaders for packshot).

Special thanks to :
- Francis Lanne and Yann Dubois for let me use EyeDream's 3d dept facilities.
- EyeDream and Sequencis employees for support and councils.
- Claire Ferry and Léa Arnaud for their ponctual help during the shadow creation process.


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