la mente de un hombre perdido es interrumpida durante su aventura a encontrarse a sí mismo por memorias de tiempos compartidos con sus seres queridos, mientras escucha en su cabeza la voz de su abuelo en una de sus conversaciones pasadas.


a lost man's mind is interrupted through his journey of finding himself by memories of times spent with his loved ones, while over-hearing his grandfather's voice in one of their previous conversations together.

Grandfather speaking over the phone:
"- Now I'm finishing my life. You were starting it and in that time, I understood you. Now, I'm finishing it, so could you understand me?
- What human beings need most is another human being.
-There's a very important gift that doesn't cost any money. It's the attention we give to one another.
-The biggest gift you can give to a human being is yourself
-He who can live alone in the world - who believes* he can live alone in the world - will come across a moment in his life where he will realize that he did not know how to live with another human being. And in that moment when he needed someone else, he never learned to live with another person, he lived in solitude. And when he really needed that other human being, he didn't develop sensibility to live with him.
-The fraternity with the human being; to feel what is called "empathy", that what happens to you is as if it were happening to me - I feel it, not feign it, but to actually feel it. I have to develop my sensitivity for those type of things and that is something the helps one grow inside."


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