Machinima and Music by Luci von Smörgås submitted for the 6th UWA Machinima Challenge. A brief synopsis/explanation can be found here:

NOTE: Please use 75-100% brightness on your laptop video monitor. Some scenes are too dark for 'save energy' settings on some laptops. The video looks best with a graphics profile using the broadcast color/brightness gamut. A good sound system is also recommended ;)

@Vimeo: Yes there is a STORY LINE!


what do you see when you look in the mirror?
do you really like what you see?
can you see how you became what you are?
can you see where you want to be?

reflections in your mind
introspection revealing faults so unkind
perceptions , impressions fade with time
conceptions revised too late, contract signed

what if you could change your direction
change your situation just by changing your mind
would your decisions be any easier?
what to hold on to? what to leave behind?

reflections in your mind
deceptions obscure and make you blind
transgressions require redemption
have you paid enough yet for your crimes?

what if you could change your reflection,
be a different person , your self unbind?
how would you look? what would you be?
and what love would you find?

reflections in your mind
imagine, your thoughts unconfined
perfection awaits it's creation
will yours be simple or sublime?


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