Although I find VolumeBreaker pretty straightforward to work with, I haven't posted any examples really. So I wanted to do the classic "Road Destruction" example. I have this weird obsession with using TP Procedurally and trying to do a lot with a little. The bricks were from 1 single instanced geometry and color was varied using the TP color variation map. They were placed on the vertices of a plane I made that had a noise applied and a bend modifier so it wasn't perfectly straight.

I didn't want to just do a standard fracture & fall example. I wanted it to be a bit more interesting and challenge myself with some fun stuff.

If you look at my setup in the screenshot that I posted, this is where most of the "magic" per se is happening. There is a basic particle that triggers all of the forces. The forces all (except gravity) are all triggered when they enter the group; that way it has a punch effect. The upward force is using distance so that the force in the middle is lower than that on the sides to cause it to have sort of splash effect to it. But it's also combined with the velocity from the particle that triggers it so there is a slight forward motion too...In other words, it's blending an upward force with a forward force.

Lastly, but confusingly, the red bricks you see are what send it to the even to be "primed" for volume breaking. These are based on distance as well, but using a random node in the threshold so that it's not a perfectly symmetrical path down the middle of the road. These are all triggered to rotate towards that green dummy. after a few frames.

A few caveats are that the leftover red bricks, i want to break them, and the pieces going through the floor. It's not that I didn't just address them, it's that Max kept crashing and as I've worked on this in my free time over the past 3 weeks, I just wanted to get it rendered. Once I got a stable cache that didn't crash Max...I went with it.


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