A video remix of portraits recorded in The Heidelberg Project Mobile Photo Video Booth, an interactive and collaborative installation between filmmaker Donald Harrison (7cylinders.com) and artist Tyree Guyton (heidelberg.org), as part of the University of Michigan Museum of Art's (umma.umich.edu) Many Voices project.

Participants were invited to peer into the booth set-up at the last Shadow Art Fair (shadowartfair.com) on July 20, 2013. Their portraits were captured on a green screen panel and mixed in real-time with chroma key VJ effects and footage from The Heidelberg Project in Detroit. Each person was able to interact with their own face transforming in unexpected ways as they watched a live feed on a video monitor in the booth. This piece represents edited highlights of what participants saw. The music track titled "Last Shadow" is provided courtesy of The Auto-Marionettes.

With The Heidelberg Project Mobile Photo Video Booth, Harrison is collecting more than 100 permission-granted video portraits to include in a short video work that will be included in the Many Voices collection at UMMA, inspired by Tyree Guyton's painting titled "Ups and Downs".

Included in the Video: Carl Greene, Ann Hernandez, Adrienne Wilson, Nick Ebinger, Tegwyn John, Jessica, Javan Makhmali, Risa Gotlib, Brad Wicklund, Keith Ewing, Jeremy Friedland, Chris Sandon, Olivia May, Kelly Goodman, Reed Fannin, Patti Smith, JP Obley, Kyle Donnellon, Jimmy Morris, Tillman Thoburn, Jim Leija, Onna Solomon, Lev Solomon, Charlie Garza, Zander Davis, Tom Bray, Kristin Sumrall, Cre Fuller, Barbara Johnson, Jason Wright, Fiona McMahon, Gordon Ebbitt, Janice Hendrick, Grace Heard, Jocelyn Gotlib, Morgan Daniels, Shannon Riffe, Meredith Kahn, Emily Puckett Rodgers, Phoebe Baker, Adam Goodman, Peter Baker, Chris Tabaczka, Kathleen Ivanoff, Patrick Dunn, Jeremy Wheeler, Lucy Cahill, Maria Feldman, Mary Ann Camron, Gary Freeman, Jennifer White, Joseph Perrotta, Cassie Walck, Elizabeth Curran, Rio Vetter, Maurice Thomas, Marty Fischoff, Rochelle Beyeler, David Arnold, Janardhan Kodavasal, Melissa Dettloff, Kirsten Olson, Molly Mast, Timothy Furstnau, Jennifer Albaum, Mark Maynard.

Photos of The Heidelberg Project Mobile Photo Video Booth are available here:

j vimeo.com/71120962

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