Cooking this time with our 'Soup' friends... We made this Commercial Spot for Fedex within Discovery Channel. This video tells us all about the services the brand offers and how it connects people from one side of the world to the other. Fedex is not only a mail company but a reliable brand which takes its clients seriously. The idea was to generate a Fedex world. A box opens and the story starts!

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Produced for Right Cut Media / Client: Discovery + Fedex

Idea & Concept: Chris O'Farrell, Christian H. Segura
Art Direction: Chris O'Farrell, Juan M. Codó
Production: Eugenia Garcia Montaldo

Design, Animation % Post Production: Juan M. Codó, Christian H. Segura

Sound Fx provided by Client

At Right Cut Media

Production: Consuelo Becerra


All rights reserved © HIppieHouse 2006-2013


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