I received a pre-production Sony NEX-FS700 and hastily shot these tests on New York City's High Line the weekend before NAB. I finished the edit assembly the morning I left for Vegas, then recorded an impromptu intro and voiceover in my hotel room upon arrival.

All scenes were shot 1080p at either 24 fps (tripod) or 240 fps (handheld). Lenses were two Alpha zooms--a Sony Zeiss 16-35 and a 24-70, both mounted with an LA-EA2 A-mount to eMount adapter--plus the 18-200 kit zoom that ships with the F700.

This reel was projected hourly during NAB in a small black box theater off the main show floor using Sony's new VPL-VW1000ES 4K "home" projector. Needless to say, the footage looked amazing. Also showcased were two more FS700 reels: striking slo-mo shots of combusting matches and lyrically crashing ocean waves by Adam Wilt, and an eye-opening demo of the pro capabilities of phase-detection autofocus by my friend Andrew Young, whose dog Boomer can be viewed at vimeo.com/40369782 racing towards the camera at 240 and 480 fps--in focus!

j vimeo.com/41323029

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