Built, shot and edited by Craig Murray

Animation was made without after effects using scanned drawings, photocopies and folded paper.. this was all moved frame by frame in FCP. (See screen shots below)

The pillow sequences were filmed in London as an after thought...using animated photocopies for the face and a body double for the pillows impression..... All lights and effect like flashes and trails were made in camera with a long exposure photographic process... these were shot at the working mens club in Bethnal green and in Kemang, Jakarta.


Massive thanks to the wonderful people of Jakarta for helping with the Animation, Materials, driving, holding lights, underwater shoots, make up and general amazingness:

*Triski Nurani
*Ranthi medhina Batubara (Actor)
*Tarita Aurora
*Johnny Enrico Kowara
*Onnie Adikara
*Mardianes Praliestyanto
*Hannah Smith
*Gita Damayanti

And the amazing Location: NP residence, Kemang, Jakarta

And in London:
Charlie Mather (Producer)
*Nick Zinner (actor)
*Susan Dan (body double / location)
*Jiwon Park (body double / animation assistant)

j vimeo.com/57852586

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