Logo animation with Octane Render to test the abilities of the engine and my new GTX 570. Unfortunately I have not done a sounddesign yet!

I have made this animation available within the Vray Lighting Essentials published by Alessandro Boncio

Rendering took about 3-4 Minutes / FullHD Frame with my GTX 570 which is much faster then even biased renderengines as Vray and C4D Renderer rendered it on my i7 980X (6x3.33 GHz) CPU.

Octane is not only a great renderer for Architecture and Productviz but also fast and usable for animations (especially in the direct lighting mode). The only drawback I had was the missing of Object-Motionblur which would have made the scene look even better.
Cinema 4D, Octane Render, AfterEffects

I hope you like it!

j vimeo.com/27295451

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