As part of The Armory Show and Tell artist Elena Rosa presented:

Show and Tell

“I make film and video installations that explore gender and performativity through the form of acting. My work is structured through the language of theater and I primarily ‘act’ in a ‘male’ gender. [T]he process of becoming or ‘building a character’ is central not only to the performance but also to the internalization and finally representation of gender roles and reversals. So, for The Armory Show and Tell I will do a performance entitled Show and Tell. I will take on the role of the artist, Elena Rosa, and perform a scene in which that character does a slide presentation of her artwork. I am always interested in where the performance begins and ends. This performance will be very familiar as to what is expected in an artist’s presentation. [I will] build a slippage between what might be perceived as the real artist and the more stylized or dramatic representation of character and type.”

Elena Rosa received a Masters of Art from Otis College of Art and Design in Los Angeles and her BA from the Drama Centre London, University of Central Lancashire. Rosa’s aesthetic production consists of photography as well as film and video installations that explore performativity through the form of acting. The work inhabits a space between the excessive or exaggerated style of performance and the naturalistic or real. Rosa has shown in Los Angeles venues including JAUS Gallery and Bolsky Gallery.


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