“Fellow citizens, come join us in the revolution to heal the landscape and sow with us!”

Arvin, CA is a farming community 15 miles southeast of Bakersfield that has attracted generations of migrant
workers to its fields; it embraced the Oakies during the Great Depression, saw the rise of Cesar Chavez and the United Farm Workers, and today struggles for health, water, and environmental rights for its citizens. Agricultural pollution, drought, and climate change have adversely affected this area of the San Joaquin Valley, once well known for its brilliant and vast wildflower displays. Glass and Tubtim will work with participants to create seed packets that will be planted in Arvin. After being introduced to native wildflowers and theirtraditional names and meanings, participants will select a wildflower to “adopt,” renaming the flower and giving it new meaning as an offering to the land. Planting wildflowers will restore the many colors of the hillside that once existed there.

j vimeo.com/73967615

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