My concept for this sequence was inspired by the way an entomologist carefully curates his/her collection, selecting a wide variety of specimens spanning across many distinct species.

Similarly, the organizer for an event of FITC's scale ( goes through such process. Specially once the event has been around for over a decade and many speakers have come through its doors.

After carefully collecting enough specimens, I had them professionally mounted and begun working on their environments. The small sets were inspired by polyhedra origami and built to appear as if they had been made by the "collector" seen in the sequence. I also wanted them to symbolize different land masses as if different species lived in different continents / islands.

As the sequence progresses and he begins to remove each insect, a collection is unravelling, working as a metaphor for the curation of FITC.

The link below is a showcase of the 76 unique typographic designs I created for the opening title sequence of the FITC 2013 Toronto event. The graphic adornments around the speakers' names were inspired by the pins used by entomologists when setting the permanent position of the insects being mounted.

Filmed and animated by Nando Costa
Music by Omega Code (
Insects mounted by Don Ehlen & Phaedra Dunko


For more samples of my work, please visit:


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