This is a video supplement to the post "2010-2011 EQAO Cohort Data Visualization: Reading Assessment" from A video example for those who are unable to access the interactive visualization.

The Education Quality and Accountability Office (EQAO) administers Reading, Writing and Mathematics assessments for primary and junior students, Mathematics assessments for Grade 9 students and a Literacy assessment for students in Grade 10. This visualization is an example of how data for cohorts can be presented interactively. It is an example of a single cohort on a single assessment.

Description of the circle:
The entire circle represents a cohort of students who wrote the EQAO Grade 3 (primary) assessment in 2007-2008 (left side of the circle) and the Grade 6 (junior) Reading assessment in 2010-2011 (right side of the circle). Groups of students are represented by ribbons that connect each side of the circle. The thickness of the ribbon represents the number of students.

This visualization was developed in javascript with Mike Bostock's D3 javascript library. Data for this visualization was provided by EQAO.


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