Soundmark is a cloud-based system that embeds user-generated soundscapes (‘soundmarks’) along a timeline in the physical environment in which they were recorded. Soundmarks can be heard relative to a user’s position
on-screen. Soundmarks play in layers, looping when necessary, while within the listening range of the user. The
closer a ‘soundmark’ is to the user target, the louder or more amplified it becomes. Soundmarks can also be heard
according to whether they are to the left, right or center (spatially) of the user’s target, panning accordingly.
Soundmarks are updated as a user walks through a physical environment, changing as the user’s position within
a physical landscape changes. Option, Filter, Search and Timeline settings control how many, which category of
and the age of soundmarks that can be heard as a user’s position within a physical environment changes. Soundmarks are recorded using the microphone of a user’s iPhone and geocoded data (longitude, latitude, altitude and the date of the recording) is transmitted using the iPhone’s GPS modulevia Google Maps Web Services API


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