In this quick video taken by our receptionist Stacy, you see what a one carat round "White Sapphire" looks like in our Lotus Flower engagement ring, 14k Yellow Gold. Although Yellow Gold is not as popular as it once was, it still makes for a beautiful engagement ring.

White Sapphires, also known as "colorless sapphires", are an excellent alternative to a real diamond. A very nice quality 1 carat round sapphire can be purchased for as little as $400, and is a real natural gemstone mined from the earth.

Sapphires are actually about 10 times more rare than diamonds and are almost as hard as diamonds, making them the perfect diamond alternative! offers a full selection of natural sapphires in many different colors, shapes and sizes. Just let us know what shape, size and color you prefer and what your budget is, and we will find the perfect sapphire for your "Sapphire engagement ring"

Thanks to Stacy for taking time out of her busy day to shoot this quick video showing our customers what a Yellow Gold Lotus sapphire engagement ring looks like on a hand.


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